Friendly Pharmacy

Pharmacists - Consultant

302 Old Canterbury Road, HURLSTONE PARK NSW 2193

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Friendly Pharmacy operates three pharmacies in the western suburbs of Sydney. The company began serving its communities in 1910. It is a friendly society that is owned by and operated on behalf of its members. All profits are either returned to members as price discounts or re-invested in the business to improve its efficiency.


At Friendly Pharmacy Hurlstone Park, everybody is an employee working to provide expert healthcare advice and information to our members and customers. Our credo is "Friendly advice, friendly prices".

We believe that our health is something we should not take for granted. Our aim is to help as many people as we can to maintain their good health or regain their health. We do believe prevention is better than cure but it seems to be getting harder to stay healthy all the time.

Our Hurlstone Park store provides sleep apnoea services so speak to one of our staff to get more information.


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